Ed's suggestions for books, websites, organizations, etc., for animators and actors, respectively. These are the resources you'll probably want in your kit bag, whether you are a student or already a professional.

In this interview, conducted at FMX by Animation World Network's Dan Sarto in May 2017, Ed discusses the fundamental principles he teaches in his Acting for Animators masterclasses: how the acting process intersects and relates to motion-capture and performance capture, the importance of proper placement of such things as eye blinks, as well as the most common mistakes animators make with how their characters act.

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The just-published (208 pp., Apr 2017) Acting for Animators, 4th Edition, is now available from the publisher, Routledge, in e-book, paperback, and hardback form. This new edition includes:

- 6 new scene-by-scene acting analyses of animated feature films, including Zootopia and The Little Prince

- an annotated analysis of Walt Disney’s famous 1935 memo regarding how best to train animators

- advice to the animator about how best to perform visual references

- a chapter on Virtual Reality

- an online database of Ed’s previous
film analyses, all in one place.

And don't forget, Craft Notes for Animators is available from Amazon (176 pp., Dec 2016)

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